• When should you buy succulent online?
    Post time: Aug-09-2022

    For succulent lovers living in the northern hemisphere,If you want to buy succulents from an online store,Best to buy in spring or winter.Succulents don’t adapt well to new pots in the sweltering summer, and if you don’t control your watering, the plants may rot their roots. High tem...Read more »

  • How deep do Lithops need to be buried?
    Post time: Jul-14-2022

    Take a look at the Lithops in the picture below. Is there a feeling of hiding in the soil? Only the surface is outside. In a dry environment in the wild, the smaller the area exposed to the air, the less water will evaporate. It is an effective method for self-protection in a water-deficient envi...Read more »

  • A list of some succulents that are prone to die in the summer
    Post time: Jun-27-2022

    The difficulty of the succulents in this list to survive the summer safely is proportional to the number of days in summer and the average temperature. The longer the summer and the higher the temperature, the harder it is for the succulents to survive 1.Baby finger.Their common end in summer is ...Read more »

  • Advantages and disadvantages of tissue culture seedling production
    Post time: May-07-2022

    advantage 1.Asexual reproduction is possible. For some plants that are difficult to reproduce asexually in production, or plants that cannot be reproduced asexually, a large number of vegetative seedlings can be obtained in a short period of time under the special conditions of tissue culture. Ti...Read more »

  • Why does succulent die after being exposed to the rain
    Post time: Apr-11-2022

    Soon it will be the rainy season again. About the question of whether succulents can get wet in the rain, some succulents lovers will probably start to discuss. Some succulents don’t die even in frequent rain, while others die after the rain There are generally three ways for succulents to ...Read more »

  • Why do succulents grow aerial roots
    Post time: Apr-06-2022

    It is actually a good thing that succulents can grow aerial roots, because having aerial roots means that it intends to live, and some who do not grow aerial roots have already died quickly, slowly losing leaves, drying up and dying. Succulents growing aerial roots are actually a selection method...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-25-2022

    1.For succulents, flowering depends not only on nutrients, but also on light, temperature difference, and even whether the dormancy period is good or not. However, there are basically no taboos for succulents in the genus Echeveria, as long as they are not leggy, nutrients Enough, it is very happ...Read more »

  • How to Harvest Succulent Seeds
    Post time: Mar-25-2022

    Spring is a good season for succulents to pollinate and harvest seeds, and then you can sow happily. The germination rate of fresh succulent seeds is nearly 100%. But the premise of the above is that the succulents must bloom, and there must be more than one blooming. Are succulents hard to bloom...Read more »

  • Why do succulents turn green in summer
    Post time: Mar-11-2022

    It is something that many people have no choice but to do for succulents to turn green in summer. Why do succulents turn green in summer? Most people actually know the reason, that is, the temperature is high, they are busy protecting their lives, and there is less light. The essential reason is ...Read more »

  • Do succulents need fertilization?
    Post time: Feb-24-2022

    Spring is here, and the succulent growing season is here, and you need to know about succulent fertilizers. Do succulents need fertilization? Most succulents grow in places where the soil is relatively poor. In general, the nutrient content of the soil used for home planting is sufficient to supp...Read more »

  • Can succulents purify indoor air?
    Post time: Jan-17-2022

    Indoor air pollution usually has three aspects, one is particulate matter such as PM2.5, the other is gas pollution such as formaldehyde, and the other is microbial pollution such as bacteria and viruses. Usually, plants purify the air mainly refer to gas pollution such as formaldehyde, and plan...Read more »

  • How to clean succulents
    Post time: Jan-07-2022

    The beautiful and clean appearance of succulents is one of the reasons why many people like it. But no matter whether the plants are maintained indoors or outdoors, there is no guarantee that they will always be clean and unstained. Watering, raining, windy, scratching, and moving pots will inevi...Read more »

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